Thursday, September 11, 2014

World War III: The Unthinkable Cost of Preserving the Petrodollar (Video)

If you’ve never heard of the petrodollar, you’re not alone. The mainstream media avoids this subject for a good reason. If this information was ever to become public knowledge, politicians would find it next to impossible to convince Americans to support any more wars. The reason most people haven’t heard of the petrodollar system is that the government wants us to think that wars are launched to spread freedom and democracy. If one wishes to discover the real reasons behind global conflicts in recent history, one must first learn about the petrodollar system. Without this crucial piece of information, it’s impossible to gain a thorough understanding of what really happened in Libya, what’s happening in Syria now, or what’s very likely to happen in Iran in the near future.   

Why did NATO and the U.S. aid Libyan “rebels” in killing Gaddafi? Why did the American government support and arm the same terrorists that would later turn on the American embassy and murder U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens? Why was killing Gaddafi so absolutely imperative? Why is the American government now doing the same thing in Syria? Why have U.S. operatives been on the ground in Syria aiding al-Qaeda to topple Assad? Why does the American government choose to work alongside known terrorists to destabilize Syria and effect regime change?   

Why are we willing to risk World War III by attacking Iran, a key ally to Russia and China? Pakistan and North Korea already possess a nuclear stockpile, but Iran is years away from developing a nuclear weapon. Iran has no military capability to target the U.S. and has not attacked another country since 1798. Yet, the mainstream media continues to do all within its powers to convince us Ahmadinejad will be unleashing his non-existent weapons of mass destruction at any moment.   If this scenario sounds at all familiar to you, learn why the United States government and its allies are so dead set on launching a new world war to preserve the hegemony of the petrodollar…

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